Short Bio

A rosbif living in Paris. That’s what I am.  I’ve been living in France and the Parisian region for over 20 years now and I love the place.  I’m a keen motorcyclist (I’ve got a Kawasaki Z1000, a Honda CB1300 and a Motobecane VeloSolex) and used to frequent Usenet (not as often as I’d like), mostly


I also arrange a yearly run to different places in the north of France with fellow motorcyclists based out of the UK. I don’t play with the mechanics of bikes as much as I used too but it’s still something I like to dabble in. Family life tends to keep that very much under control.


I run my own Linux server (playing around with such things as Postfix, Apache, mySQL, PHP and Perl scripts). I’ve also developed Perl scripts that enable people to collect statistics from Usenet, see here : Perl Scripts


I’m also a keen amateur runner and have conquered Mont Blanc in 2013. In 2014, I completed Mount Elbrus in Russia with a few colleagues (known to be the highest summit in Europe) – here’s the page detailing my exploits : Elbrus. In 2015, we reached the top of Kilimanjaro and I’ve got the certificate to prove it – but need to write that one up!


I also like reading, looking after chickens, DIY, amateur electronics, 3D printing, collecting books and generally making a nuisance of myself.

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