Day 4 – Another Acclimatisation Walk

The following day, we had another acclimatisation walk in the Terskol Valley (again up to 3000m mark) with the walk finishing close to a Russian observatory. The weather was okay on this walk, with a little bit of mild rain every so often. My newfound superpowers, sorry, I mean fitness skills, gave me the energy to run down part of the descent on the way back. I wasn’t trying to show off to the rest of the team but I think I was just a little bored of walking as it was pretty bland countryside. In fact, that’s not entirely fair, as there were superb views, a fantastic waterfall and some spectacular rock formations on the way up. Anyway karma kicked in. Whilst the boots I had were broken in properly, I didn’t have the wrong socks on because they rubbed against my feet and gave me one or two blisters. So by the time I got to the bottom I was suffering. My own bloody fault. Anyway it wasn’t too bad as it didn’t ruin the trip at all and my feet recovered very quickly.

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