Probably not a phrase you’d hear first thing in a befuddled daze at 6:30am.

The little bugger had escaped and was now somewhere in my office.

The back story is that I was doing the “Dad Taxi” service last night and on the way back, saw the little fella scurrying in the middle of the road just before me.

So I parked up and went back to pick him up. I stuck him in an old box, with a view to letting the SO take him to work and releasing him in the fields behind her offices this morning (less chance of him being splattered on the road).

Some water, some cat food and lots of paper for him to hide in.I also put a big plastic lid on the box (with space for air, obviously), so he wouldn’t be bothered by the cats, and then closed my door.

But Houdini the Hedgehog wasn’t having any of it. This morning when the SO was off for work, I was woken up by “Where’s the Hedgehog?” She had to shoot off, whilst I searched my office in all the dark places he could be hidden.

Behind the sofa. That’s where.

(I’ll take him to another grassy area later on today)

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By Neil