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I’m now getting into the flow writing perlscripts for various purposes. I’ve already released two scripts to display newsgroup statistics (ngstatistics) to the world. I know that the first version (not requiring a database) was/is used on various newsgroups around the world. The second version (using a mySQL database), not so much. It’s a shame, as it provides much more detailed information. Saying that, V1 is simpler to install and run.

I no longer store the newsgroup statistics programs on this site and have decided to use SourceForge as my preferred choice.

Both programs collect newsgroup statistics from a local news spool and is used to post them to the group concerned.

Go here to find out more about version 1. Note this takes stats from a local news spool and no mySQL installation is needed.

Click here to see the next generation version that uses mySQL.

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